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Why Cundina®?

  • "Cundina®"

    A Cundina® (Cooondina) is network of individuals that join together to rotate funds as a way of financing their life’s needs. It is still practiced today in Northern Mexico. Think of it as an early form of Crowdfunding. We thought it would be a great name for a modern Crowdfunding platform that leverages technology and the masses to help people pursue happiness (Learn more...).
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to help people pursue happiness in their lives through collaborative finance by allowing individuals to gift and transact with anyone.
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Gems and Jewelry


by Michael

Becoming a Certified Gemologist

United States
0.33% Funded
11Days Left

Immigration Help For Widowed Mother of Five


by Sheccid

Immigration help to keep family together, for widowed mother of five.

United States
1.17% Funded
11Days Left

My little Squirrel needs you


by Jimmy

Vetarinarian Surgical Bills. Medications. Rehabilitation. Support & Expenses

United States
100% Funded
0Days Left

Desperately Needed Medical Expenses for my Brother


by Araceli Mendoza

My brother was involved in a bad car accident where he dislocated both shoulders, a leg, broken hip, cuts and bruises. We are asking for anything people can donate would be greatly appreciated for an operation!

United States
2.50% Funded
0Days Left

WE NEED WHEELS! – to help our students in Africa!


by Evan Haglund

Our first vehicle -- and desperately needed! Our organization works with children in some of the most remote parts of Zambia, where a four-wheel drive is a must all year round, let alone during the rainy season. A former UNICEF doctor has offered a Toyota Hilux to us for a fraction of its value -- please help us obtain the vehicle we need in order to reach our most vulnerable children.

United States
3.45% Funded
48Days Left

Study trip to Madrid, Spain. – Viaje de estudios a Madrid, España.


by Edgar H Sánchez

I will make a study trip to enrich my career as an actor.-Realizare un viaje de estudios para enriquecer mi carrera como actor.

1.38% Funded
9Days Left

Help Puerto Rico

Help Someone in Need

by Cundina®

We were absolutely moved by the destruction we saw throughout Puerto Rico and decided to help by creating a project on our site

United States
23.20% Funded
41Days Left