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How It Works

How It Works

Our mission is to help people pursue happiness in their lives through collaborative finance by allowing individuals to gift and transact with anyone.

Pay It Forward (TM)

Create a project

Create an account

Set up your payment gateways

Create your project

Choose your funding type (All or nothing / Keep it all)

Spread the word

Support a project

Find a project that you like

Select a reward level

Pay for your reward

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What’s the cost of using

We charge no platform fees for Help Someone In Need campaigns (payment gateway fees still apply).  For all other campaigns, we charge a small commission of 3% of funds raised plus payment gateway transaction costs of approximately 2.9% and 30 cents per donation. This is deducted automatically, when funds are transferred to a project or campaign.

What can I raise money for?

Almost anything. is one of the few crowdfunding platforms that supports both projects and causes.

Is it safe?

We use PayPal and Stripe as payment gateways, which are widely recognized and trustworthy. The site is also secured with an SSL certificate, so everything you share with us gets encrypted. Similarly, we use E-hawk during registration to help block questionable users.

How will I get funding?

Depending on what type of funding you choose (see Level Funding Type), the money donated will be either transferred immediately to your PayPal/Stripe account as funds are donated, or once your campaign is over.

**Stripe is unavailable in some countries. Depending on this, you may only be able to use PayPal to receive funding. For a full list of countries where Stripe is available, see:**

When can I start receiving donations?

After submitting, your project has to be reviewed by our team before being published. This process usually takes up to 24 hours. Once it’s published, you can start receiving donations right away.

Creating a project

1. Create an account

Go to: and fill the form to create your account.

2. Complete your profile (optional)

Once your account is created, from your dashboard, go to Account if you want to add more details to your account like a short bio, a link to your website, your social media profiles, or even an Avatar. This is all in order to make prospect backers trust you more.

3. Set up your creator account

From your dashboard, go to Creator Account and enter your PayPal email and connect your Stripe account. You should set up both so that your donors can support your project both with PayPal and credit/debit cards on-site. If you don’t have either of those, use the following links (links open in a new tab):

If you don’t enter your PayPal email, your backers won’t be able to use PayPal to donate; if you don’t connect your Stripe account, your backers won’t be able to pay with their cards on-site (they can still pay with their cards through PayPal).

4. Create your project

From your dashboard, go to My Projects > Create Project and fill out the form. Note that not all fields are mandatory.

Defining required fields meaning:

Project Title: The main title for your project. Make sure to make it appealing. It should make clear what your project is about.

Goal Amount: How much money do you need?

Project Category: Which category suits your project best?

  • Animals
  • Arts
  • Charity
  • Comics
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Education
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Film & Video
  • Food
  • Games
  • Getting Married
  • Help Someone in need
  • Journalism
  • Kindness
  • Medical
  • Memorials
  • Military
  • Missions
  • Music
  • New Business
  • Other
  • Photography
  • Publishing
  • Technology
  • Theatre
  • Wishes

Start Date: When do you want to start collecting funds for your project?

End Date: When is your campaign ending? Note that we don’t allow projects longer than 90 days.

City / State / Country: (Optional) Where is this project taking place? Though optional, we recommend filling these fields so that your project appears in our Projects Map.

Project Short Description: Give a little more detail about your project. Make it appealing and click-inspiring.

Project Video: (Optional) Link to your project’s video (YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler). Though optional, we recommend adding a video as this is what drives the most donations.

Project Song / Audio: (Optional) Make your project even more immersive by adding background music to it. If you do so, it’ll play automatically in the background when someone visits your project.

Project Long Description: Explain your project thoroughly. The more details you give, the more trustworthy you seem to users. Make sure to explain exactly how you’re planning to use the money, and why you picked the Campaign End Option that you did. Remember, your project needs to be accepted by our team before it’s published, and if your description isn’t convincing enough, it might be rejected. You can also add images using the “ADD MEDIA” button on the top left.

Project FAQ: (Optional) Answer some common questions that people might have about your project. If you don’t want prospect backers to keep asking you the same things over and over, we recommend filling this field.

Featured Image: (Optional) Upload the main image of your project. This will be what initially gets the user’s attention. Make sure to make it eye-catching.

Reward Levels: Offer rewards to your future backers as a way of motivating them to donate/thanking them for doing so. Common examples of this are giving merchandise to the backers, early access to the final product, or a discount on the product when it comes out.

Number of Levels: How many reward levels do you want to have?

Level Title: The title of this reward level.

Level Price: The minimum amount that the backer must donate to get this reward. Note that we don’t allow rewards worth more than $100 USD.

Level Limit: The maximum amount of this reward that you can offer. For example, if you’re giving mugs as a reward but only have 500 mugs, set the limit to 500. If there’s no limit set it to 0.

Level Fund Type: How should this level’s donations work? Do you want to immediately receive the money (“Immediately Deliver Funds”) or only receive it if you reach your Goal Amount (“100% Threshold”)? Note that if you receive the money,  you MUST give the backers their rewards. So only choose Immediately Deliver Funds if this is a reward that you can give even if your project doesn’t reach the Goal Amount.

Level Description: Short description of what that reward level is.

Level Long Description: Give a thorough description of what the reward is. Make sure to explain exactly what it is that the backer will get from doing this donation. Include details about when the rewards will be given, whether the price includes shipping costs (when applicable), etc.

That’s it. Submit your project for review and wait to see if it’s accepted.

5. My project was accepted, now what?

Spread the word! Share your project so it gets more attention and has more chances of being fully backed. You can email friends and family and ask them to spread the word. You can also post on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Editing your project

You may want to change some details about your project once it’s live. You can do so by going to My Projects and clicking the first icon from the 4 icons that appear when you hover over your project. You’ll be taken to the Edit Project page. Make your edits and click Update.

Note that not all fields are editable after the project is published.

Adding updates

Regularly add updates to your project to let your backers know how it’s going. Updates don’t have to be very significant, they can just be a big thank you to all your backers. They’re a great way of having more communication with your backers.

To add an update, go to My Projects and click the first icon from the 4 icons that appear when you hover over your project. You’ll be taken to the Edit Project page. Scroll down and after Project FAQ you should see a section called Project Updates. Add an update by filling in the Update Subject and Update Content fields. All of your backers will receive an email about this update, and it’ll be available in the Updates tab of your project.

Uploading files as level rewards

You may want to give digital content as a level reward. Like an exclusive photo, some music, or a PDF with a discount code for when your product is launched. For example, if you’re raising money for a book, maybe you want to offer a preview of the first chapter as a reward for your backers. In order to do so, go to My Projects and click the second icon from the 4 icons that appear when you hover over your project.

You’ll see a form titled “Add Project Rewards”. Set a name for your file, upload your file, and assign it to one of the project’s reward levels. Click upload file and that’s it! All the users who get that level reward will automatically have that file available for download from their dashboard.

You can also delete your previously uploaded file rewards from this page.

Getting your backers’ information

If you offered a material good to your backers as a reward, you’re going to need their shipping info. To get all of your backers’ information, go to My Projects and click the fourth icon from the 4 icons that appear when you hover over your project. This will download a .csv file (can be opened in Excel) with all of your backers’ info.