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Angels Skin Cancer Treatment

Cancer. Laser Treatment. Surgical Bills. Rehabilitation.

Valencia Animals August 27, 2018 at 3:41 pm
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Hello, my name is Valencia and i am the proud momma of my Angel girl 🙂 Angel was adopted back in 2016 after being in the shelter where she was brought in due to neglect, former owners didn’t want to take care of her new litter of puppies, and where she spent months very sad and without her babies. The vets have told me she was most likely used solely as a breeding dog due to how swollen and large her nipples were when she was adopted. Most likely more than 5 litters. I adopted angel because she was the only one who didn’t come up very quickly to the front of the cage, but once she was out in the meet and greet area, she sat right on my lap. I also find her smile and one brown eyebrow to be very cute. 😛 Angel has bonded with my 7-year-old lab and helped raise my 1.5 year old pitbull puppy.

My SO and I take great care of these dogs and put their best interest first. Angel has been through numerous amounts of medications for infections that weren’t treated when i first got her, shes had cryosurgery and laser treatment surgery 3+ times to control the hemangiosarcoma cancer spots all over her body. Angel continues to fight and tries to ignore the growing spots on her. This is not fun cancer, as all cancers are not fun. Hemangiosarcoma is a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer that occurs almost exclusively in dogs, and only rarely in cats, horses, mice, or humans. It is a sarcoma arising from the lining of blood vessels; that is, blood-filled channels and spaces are commonly observed microscopically.  Unfortunately, Angel will have to undergo another one of these surgeries. *pics below of previous one*

I am raising money to get one more surgery done before we move to OR to pursue our career paths to make sure we can provide a home where angel can be outside where it’s enclosed and shady. It took months to find the best place to live for her health and all our dog’s health. The Tucson sun is killing her. I want to be able to move so we can provide her a life of journeying through the trails, going to the beach, enjoying the rain and much more with her mom, dad and her two best friends, lola, and pooters.

Angel has been a significant part of my life, being there for me through thick and thin and she ALWAYS stays positive with the wag of her tail. Neighbors and strangers adore her, children love to pet her cause she feels like velvet, and shes overall an amazing dog for what she has gone through. This move is costing a lot and i want to be able to provide the surgery for her. The more spots taken off, the longer it takes for them to grow back without constant sun rays. I have a wonderful veterinarian that i take all 3 of them to and he has been absolutely wonderful with her.  Angel has brought me out of the darkest times, as i have for her. She has been in rehabilitation due to dogs attacking her. Thank you, Love to all, from Angel.

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