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Casa Alitas Aid for Migrant Families

Casa Alitas provides aid to migrant families released by ICE in Tucson, Arizona.

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Casa Alitas provides hospitality and humanitarian aid to migrant families in Tucson, Arizona. These families have been forced to flee their homes in Central America after enduring fear, threats and the certainty of escalating violence to seek safety and hope for their children.  Families are brought to Casa Alitas by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) so we may be welcomed them as guests and offer food and drink, hot showers, clean clothing and a place to rest in a welcoming, homelike setting.  We help our guest contact their families here in the US and arrange bus trips to continue their journey.  We provide the families with travel packs full of food, drink, hygiene and toiletry items for their bus trips.  Casa Alitas also helps the families understand the immigration documents they have been given by ICE and the importance of attending their upcoming Immigration appointments as scheduled.  But even more than the tangible things we do, Casa Alitas is often the first place of welcome, safety, and dignity for the family since arriving in the United States.

Donations are used to provide food, drink, toiletries, hygiene products, baby formula, diapers and baby supplies, clothing, shoes and the wide righty of items needed for the guests who arrive to Casa Alitas with nothing but what they have been allowed to keep by ICE. We also need resources to pay for the upkeep of the house and the vehicles we use to transport the guests.  Casa Alitas is run by wonderful volunteers from the Tucson community, the Jesuit Volunteer Corp, the West Coast Mennonite Central Committee, and Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona.

Thank you for your kindness and support which allows us to continue to welcome these families to Casa Alitas!

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